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☆ Cute Can Kill Review ☆ Neutral
First let me give some background about the order. I stalked CCK's Facebook page for about 3 months in anticipation for the release. The day of the release I woke up half an hour before the items were supposed to be posted only to find out they had already been up for 16 minutes. I originally wanted one of the dreamy holographic pegasus necklaces and one of the dreamy fancy sea cuties phone straps. I missed both of them. I ended up getting three things: the Fairy holographic unicorn 02 phone strap, the Heart candy with pastel cuties 05 necklace, and the L*O*V*E* fancy 05 necklace.

I had an overall expectation about the quality based on reviews I've seen. I've heard that her jewelry is very high quality and that her resin work is free of bubbles. I would say that I'm disappointed. Two of the pieces I received had a lot of bubbles, even some crested ones, and the other piece had a chip in it.

Pricing and Shipping:
The subtotal for the items + tracking was $48.90. Shipping was $9.00. The tracking didn't update accurately but I pretty much expected that and it wasn't anybodies fault. I placed my order on 7/12/2014 and I received it today, 7/28/2014.

Packaging: 5/5
The outer bag was sealed nicely! Inside it had a lot of bubble wrap that padded the items well. I really appreciated the special cute touches she added. The paper tape, the pink bag with hearts, the little note, and the postcards really made it fun to open n_n

Onto the individual items!

1. Fairy Holographic Unicorn 02 Phone Strap, $12.50 - 3/5

First I'll talk about the good things. I really was impressed by the size. I thought the charm and the star beads would be tiny but they're actually pretty sizable! She even included a dust plug The strap is really cute overall! It's very fun and magical c:

Stock photo:

My photos:


Next I have to address the bad. I received this strap with a big chip in the unicorn charm. There wasn't a piece of resin in the package so I can only assume it was chipped beforehand. It's really disappointing.



2. Heart Candy with Pastel Cuties 05 Necklace, $12.90 - 4.5/5

Based on all the reviews I've seen, I expected her clear resin to be very clear and bubble free. This was not the case. The necklace has a LOT of tiny bubbles. When you're looking at it from afar they're not very noticeable and some of the bubbles are actually glitter so I'm only deducting a half point. I love how visible the heart is when worn and I appreciate the large lobster clasp. It's very easy to put on and take off!

Stock photo:

My photos:


3. L*O*V*E* Fancy Necklace 05, $19.50 - 4/5

This necklace has a LOT of popped air bubbles on the surface.  I can count at least 14 on the front and back. On the plus side, it is an adorable statement piece! I love the colors, glitter, and big pink plastic chain. The resin is thick and sturdy yet light. The clasp is in the shape of a heart and I think that's a nice touch!

Stock photo:

My photos:


Overall: 3.8/5
The packaging was very special and sweet and the items were overall very cute! I'm not sure why she shipped out a chipped item though. Regardless, I would still buy from her again. I would just like to warn that if there's something you really want from her to stalk the FB page, have your checkout information ready to copy and paste or autofill, and refresh the storenvy page at least an hour in advance. The pegasus necklaces sell out within about 10 minutes. Everything else will sell out within the day and most will be gone within hours.